When you are on the Manage Lead page, you will see a section that is labeled Children. 

This section lists:

-The first and last of the child

-The child's age

-The child's status, which allows you to see where they fall within the sales cycle

-The age group, which shows which class they will fall under

-That child’s start date, if it has been recorded

-On the right hand side of the section you will see a red plus sign that says Add Child. That will allow you to add information on the new child. 

On the right hand side of the "Children" section you will see a button for adding a child, which is highlighted in the image above. When you click that button, you will be taken to a popup where you will need to fill out information on the new child. 

The fields with asterisks are required. Any date field can be entered as estimates. For example, under Date of Birth, you can type, “- 3 years”, and the system will give you an estimated date of birth for that child. Although Expected Start Date is not a required field, that will help you prioritize which leads to follow up with first.

Note: The CRM system will continue to age the child automatically each year.

Custom Fields:

If enabled in your database, the child may have a Custom Fields section. These dropdown bars allow for recording reporting data on your children.

Comments, Needs & Interests:

The child’s information page also has their own comments section. This section is optional, but can be helpful in recording any special allergies, medicines or notes that may help in caring for that child.

Schedule Information:

The Schedule Information section will help you record when that child needs care. This will calculate for FTE’s and also the potential revenue. 

Current Situation/Prior Experience:

TThe Current Situation/Prior Experience section will help you track competitors. This will also help you record what the parent is looking for in a facility and will help you figure out if your location is a good fit for that family.

Adding an Archived Child:

On the right hand side of the "Children" section, you will see a button for adding an Archived child to the system, which is shown below. By clicking that button, you will be able to enter information in regards to an archived child. An Archived child who has already started, a child who has already Withdrawn, or a child who is currently a Lost Opportunity.

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