Settings -> System Settings -> Fields

Under certain forms, you will be allowed to change which fields on the form are required (marked by a red asterisk) or are not required. 

Form Name – This tells you the name on the form, which helps you locate where it is at within the CRM system. 

Fields – This will tell you how many fields are in a given form

Required Fields – This will tell you which fields are required (again… you will have control over this)

For this example, let’s look at the “Additional Contact Form”

The image above shows the “Add Contact” form. 

If you look at the image below, which is taken from “Fields” in the “Settings” tab, you will see that the information listed here matches up with the information on the image above:

You will see that there are 12 fields and 7 of those fields are required (marked by a red asterisk). As a CRM user, you will be able to change which fields are required. Here is how you can do that:

Click into a form, for example, "Additional Contacts":

When you click into a form, you will see all the fields listed for that form. From there, you will have the option to make fields required, if you'd like. 

When you are done editing the fields, click on the "Back" button. 

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